The European Historical Combat Guild

Principles Based Practice of Historical Combat Styles

The Guild examines combat through the ages,by the the use of a Philisophical approach, a set of Princiciples, Concepts and Fundamentals, These are held to govern, behaviours and movement in general and combat specifically.

Using these we aim to interpret and better understand the use of historical weapons as well as their context, whether working in periods or with styles where sources exist or where they do not.

Guild Objectives


To bring together within the European Historical Combat Guild (hereafter called 'The Guild') individuals or groups which share a belief in and who follow the philosophies, Principles and Practices  advocated by John Waller,  whilst learning or teaching European historical combat.

Guild membership gives:


The opportunity to train within a common structure and system.

The chance to exchange ideas and benefit from the expertise offered by the Guild's teachers.

The chance to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and discussion between academics and the practitioners of the physical skills associated with European historical combat, in order to facilitate an overall improvement in the understanding of our subject.

Training takes place in the Guild Chapters and Study Groups

The European Histroical Combat Guild

Founded in 2000, through the Principles and an approach to teaching that have been developed and used across nearly 60 years

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The history and development of the Guild



Organisation & Stucture

The structure and organisation of the Guild

 Its Philosophy and approach to training and learning.



In this field, we must be keen researchers of the past, in as broad a context as possible, to support the physical skills and undertanding we are developing, which then feed back in to furthering our research



Branches of the Guild





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