"Martial Sports in the Travels of Leo of Rozmital

11th February, 2020 \\ Research

We recently recived an email from Jean Chandler, letting us know of a new piece of research his has up online., "Martial sports in the Travels of Leo of Rozmital,"

It can be be found on the site Martial Culture in Medieval Town, 30/01/2020, 

The link here

New Website

January 2020\\ News Category

Fairly self evident, as you are reading this on the new website.

After some years in the wilderness so to speak we have a functionng website and host.

Thsi triggered a need to start from scratch as much of hte old content was outdated and in the process of importing it we decided it was time to update and overhaul.

This will take some time but keep coming back to see the new content as it is uploaded.


Guild Philosophy entry updated

11/02/2020 \\ Site Update

Honoured and Houry members page updated

03/02/2020 \\ Site update


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